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As on-line sales professionals since 1999, and in the games and toys market since 2004, we invest our skills and knowledge in internet sales and jigsaw puzzles.
We have been mailing 6 871 765 jigsaw puzzles at an unrivalled level of online service for 20 years.

As lovers of jigsaw puzzles, we recommend this internet site dedicated to beginners as well as experienced jigsaw puzzlers.
Our aims:

To offer the widest range of jigsaw puzzles in the UK and in Europe:
As European market leader since April 10th, 2014, our products are available for next-day or 48-hour delivery in France and Germany, and to the rest of the world in 3 to 7 days!

To offer new ideas:
With 15 years’ experience in the games and jigsaw market, we have a product and accessories range designed to assist jigsaw puzzlers. In this context, having spotted that there were no jigsaw puzzle mats for the larger format puzzles, we now offer the biggest jigsaw puzzle mat in the world. Our range of items is constantly growing to meet the demands of our ‘jigsaw puzzlers’ wishlists.
Please don’t hesitate to tell us your views and suggestions.

Some key dates in the history of Jigsaw

May  May The exclusive new brand Nova Puzzle becomes available.
April  April La Loutre Puzzles with amazing images from France are added to our range.
March  March Spring brings the return of larger Bluebird puzzles with 4,000 and 6,000 pieces.
February  February The new brand Star Puzzle becomes available!
January  January More than 5 million jigsaw puzzles shipped!

December  December
Grafika, Bluebird and Art by Bluebird puzzles produced in France become available.
Made in France
April  April The Wild Puzzle, a brand of laser-cut wooden puzzles becomes available.
22nd March  22nd March 275,000 orders were shipped during the last 12 months!

31st December  31st December More than a million jigsaw puzzle boxes ewere shipped in one year.
December  December An exclusive new brand of art jigsaw puzzles, Art by Bluebird , becomes available!
November  November Zee Puzzle, for fans of Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Queen etc. becomes available.
10 Septembre  15th May 250,000 orders were shipped during the last 12 months!
10 Septembre  11th May The website is open around the clock again.
10 Septembre  22nd March Coronavirus crisis, the website closes for the first time in 7 years!
10 Septembre  29th January New world record: A 54,000 piece puzzle launched by Grafika puzzle is now the World’s largest jigsaw puzzle. Exclusively available from us and introduced at the Nuremberg toy fair.

5th July  22nd October Jig & Puz: a new brand of jigsaw puzzle accessories is now available, exclusively from us.
5th July  5th July New record for the world's largest puzzle webshop with 14,000 jigsaw puzzles in stock.
21st January  1st April Warehouse enlarged (5,500 m²) to support the activity growth.
21st January  21st January Bluebird Puzzle, an exclusive new brand, becomes available.
7th January  7th January 200,000 orders were shipped during the last 12 months!

27th October  27th October New record with more than 13,000 different jigsaw puzzles in stock!
21st September  21st September New record for the world's largest puzzle webshop with 12,000 jigsaw puzzles in stock.
9 Août  1st August Move to a new warehouse (3,500 m²), to deal with the increase of orders.
9 Août  June Jigsaw bought out the 3rd largest competitor on the German market.
4 Septembre  20th March Dino Puzzles (from the Tcheque Republic) are now available at

4th September  4th September The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle with 48,000 pieces is in stock.
19th June  19th June New record! Jigsaw has 11,000 puzzles in stock.
1sr June  1st June World Record: Grafika's 48,000 piece puzzle, the world's new largest jigsaw puzzle is revealed!
26th May  26th May French wooden puzzles by Grafika Wood become available in the UK.
 20th March  20th March 150,000 orders were shipped during the last 12 months!
January  January With more than 3,300 references available, Grafika Puzzle offers the world's largest puzzle range.

Novembre 2015  1st December The House of Puzzles (UK), is now available at Jigsaw!
22 septembre 2016  22nd September10,000 Jigsaw puzzles in stock... the largest catalog in the world.
July 2015  9th July Jigsaw broke its record with 9,000 jigsaw puzzles and accessories in stock.
January 2015  January 100,000 orders sent on the last 12 months!

July 2015 July Gold Puzzle (from Turkey) launches in UK, stocked at Jigsaw!
July 2015  14th July Jigsaw broke its record as its stocklist hits 8,000 items of jigsaw puzzles and accessories!
May 2015  May Grafika Kids launches in Europe, stocked at Jigsaw!
March 2015 26th March Jigsaw broke its record as its stocklist hits 7,000 jigsaw puzzles and accessories!
March 2015  March Larsen (from Norway) launches in UK… and as always stocked at Jigsaw

December 2014  December Art Puzzle (from Turkey) launches in Europe for the first time – and as ever, stocked at Jigsaw
Novembre 2014  November Grafika, fine arts puzzles – launched for first time in Europe.
August 2014  August KS Games (from Turkey) came to UK for the first time.
1er August 2014 1st August Jigsaw bought the Number 1 German brand and reinforced our position as European leader in the jigsaw puzzles market.
1er August 2014  1st April Jigsaw bought the Number 3 French jigsaw puzzles brand.
10 Avril 2014  10th April Jigsaw became Europe’ s Number 1 seller of jigsaw puzzles.
Avril 2014  April Bought out the French Number 3 seller of jigsaw puzzles.
March 2014  March Bought out a second French competitor in the jigsaw puzzle market.
February 2014  February Perre / Anatolian (Turkey) lauches in UK for the first time!
January  2014  January It was Pigment & Hue's turn to make their entrance in to the UK market, from the United States.

December 2013  December Pintoo – manufacturers of plastic jigsaw puzzles Made in Taiwan – take their first steps in Europe.
December 2013  December With their 3D puzzles, Cubic Fun brought its whole range of puzzles to Europe for the first time.
27 December 2013  27th December Jigsaw by Planet'Puzzles became France’s number one jigsaw puzzle seller.
October 2013  October Jigsaw bought up a French competitor.

Still to come…

To supply quality jigsaw puzzles and accessories:
some brands are bannished from our website. It is actually easy to find jigsaw puzzles in Europe cheaper than any of the other market players, with poor print quality and thin board (often less than 1mm thick) – unworthy unworthy of jigsaw puzzlers.
We only present quality jigsaws on our website. All our puzzles – whether made in Eastern Europe, China, Gemany or France – meet our very strict selection critera. Quality is more important than anything else!

We aim to offer a faultless customer service:
Delivery problem? Problem with your order? Don’t hesitate to contact us with your comments. We will always find a solution to meet your needs.

jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts meeting the needs of other jigsaw puzzle lovers.

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