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Blog - All About Puzzles

Do you love jigsaw puzzles? Browse our blog to stay up to date about

Discover both current trends and updates about new arrivals and new puzzles on our website. Also available are portraits of your favourite artists, as well as different articles about subjects related to assembling puzzles.
Happy reading!

We adore Christmas puzzles!
We adore Christmas puzzles!
23th November 2022

Year after year we await them impatiently... Christmas jigsaw puzzles!

Why not enjoy the sweet and warm atmosphere of Christmas a few weeks early, to anticipate the festive joy we love so much. On our website, dozens of puzzles are available already! Of, course, we have our favourites: Bluebird's Festive Shop, SunsOut's shaped puzzles, Grafika's Christmas puzzles with images created by Chuck Pinson and many more!

Snowy landscapes, Santa on his sled piled high with gifts, Christmas decorations, trees and lights... discover our most beautiful Christmas puzzles here!

Your most beautiful photo as a puzzle
4th November 2022

Assembling a puzzle of one your own photos? It's possible! Creating a personalised puzzle takes just a few minutes of your time: choose your most beautiful photo, your puzzle's size (between 12 and 2,000 pieces) and the ideal box design (gift, Christmas, surprise, childrens, etc.) - and, if you like, add a title or message!

If you are looking for a unique gift, a photo puzzle is a great choice! Appreciated by both children and adults, and puzzle lovers and amateurs, it is sure to please your loved ones. A personalised puzzle of your own photo provides a great occasion to relive cherished memories with family or friends, enjoy beautiful vacation spots again or admire beloved pets.

Birthdays, Christmas, parties, Valentine's Day, special occasions: turn a photo into a unique gift and surprise your loved ones!

To continue enjoying the puzzle once it has been assembled, you can glue and mount it! Discover a selection of accessories that can help you with your photo puzzle (jigrolls, glues, sorting trays, etc.)

Your most beautiful photo as a puzzle

Halloween as a puzzle!
Halloween as a puzzle!
3rd October 2022

Trick or puzzle? At, we will always choose a jigsaw puzzle! We really love this season with its spooky puzzles – and the mounting anticipation for Christmas!

To celebrate the occasion, let's dive into our most haunting Halloween puzzles! You won't want to miss François Ruyer's famous witches from Grafika, shaped and traditional puzzles in SunsOut's Halloween collection – and of course the newest Master Pieces puzzles.

Witches, pumpkins, haunted houses, spooky nights or sweets to share... You're spoilt for choice!

Master Pieces arrivals: lovely new puzzles ahead!
30th September 2022

A long-awaited delivery has arrived: Master Pieces puzzles – all the way from the US!

40 new jigsaw puzzles with 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 and even 5,000 pieces have taken their places on our shelves. In addition to traditional rectangular puzzles, Master Pieces also offers square, shaped and panoramic puzzles.

Illustrated maps, panoramic views of famous cities, autumn and Halloween puzzles, scenes of everyday life: you're spoilt for choice!

Discover all our Master Pieces puzzles here.
Master Pieces arrivals

Autumn puzzles for the win!
Autumn puzzles for the win!
28th September 2022

Autumn is approaching: the leaves are changing colours... and your puzzles, too!

If you, too, prefer to enjoy autumn colours while staying warm and assembling lovely jigsaw puzzles, why not have a look at our selection of autumn puzzles? All your favourite brands are there: Master Pieces, Bluebird Puzzle, Grafika, Pieces & Peace, SunsOut, etc.

One of Bluebird's new Chuck Pinson puzzles is a particular favourite of ours: the 3,000 piece Honey Drip Farm. As always, the artist treats us to a lovely illustration in splendid autumn colours. Check it out now!

Have a look at all the puzzles here.

A new brand on Roovi
25th September 2022

A new brand has arrived on our website: Roovi jigsaw puzzles.

This Eastern European brand offers puzzles with 500 and 1,000 pieces. If you love very colourful puzzles, these are perfect for you! Their boxes are just as bright and lively as the images: landscapes, illustrations, animals, modern photographies... Discover Roovi puzzles' unique style now!

Have a look at all the puzzles in stock here.
A new brand: Roovi

Wasgij puzzles
Do you know Wasgij puzzles?
23rd September 2022

Wasgij puzzles are a series produced by Jumbo. They are quite extraordinary, as with them you don't puzzle what's on the box... instead you need to use your imagination! Currently, four distinct Wasgij series are available: Wasgij Original, Wasgij Destiny, Wasgij Mystery and Wasgij Christmas.

While assembling a Wasgij Original puzzle you'll recreate what the box image's main character sees. But don't worry, there are clues here and there! Using these, you'll need to put yourselves into the character's place and put your astuteness to the test. Wasgij Destiny puzzles show you a different time: with these you have to imagine a scene at a different time from the one shown on the box.
With a Wasgij Mystery puzzle, you're looking to assemble a scene taking place just moments after the one shown on the box. Wasgij Christmas puzzles, finally, go back to the original Wasgij concept and show festive images.

This entertaining puzzle concept puts both your creativity and deductive reasoning to the test– all the while you can enjoy assembling a traditional puzzle. If you'd like to test the concept, we currently offer a free 54 piece mini Wasgij with each order placed on (while stocks last, see conditions on the website).

Discover the entire Wasgij range here.

New brand available on Aquarius
15th September 2022

This month we have an amazing announcement: American Aquarius puzzles are available on our website for the first time! 120 new jigsaw puzzles have joined our range and are waiting just for you!

Discover many images from the worlds of film, TV and music: The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Batman, Friends, Star Trek, as well as covers of albums by David Bowie, Pink Floyd, etc.

Aquarius puzzles are ideal for fans of pop culture and jigsaw puzzles, who want to combine their passion for puzzles and TV shows, films, etc. Aquarius has puzzles with 500, 1,000 and 3,000 pieces.

Discover the available puzzles here .
New brand: Aquarius

September Secrets on!
September Secrets on!
30th August 2022

The next month has lots of surprises in store! Deliveries from lots of brands are expected: Gibsons, Jumbo, Clementoni, Ravensburger and Anatolian.

Additionally, two new brands will become available on our website for the first time – but you'll need to sleep a few more times before discovering them! For now, just a few hints... The first brand is known for their their colourful gradient images. The second offers a range of images from film and TV: Friends, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Batman and more.

Can you guess the brands?

New Puzzles and Arrivals in August
25th August 2022

This month we have received lots of deliveries, particularly from Master Pieces, Trefl, Bluebird Puzzle and Grafika. Additionally, three new brands are available on our website for the first time: Pieces & Peace, Puzzle Club and Europrice. Our shelves now sport more than 300 new puzzles!

Not just new puzzles, but also images by new artists have become available. Bluebird, for example, has added Pedro Gavidia's art to their range, and Pieces & Peace Orane Sigal's. We'd like to invite you to discover these talented artists and dive into their art by assembling it, piece by piece.

All the newly arrived puzzles are available here .
New Puzzles and Arrivals in August

Pieces & Peace Puzzles have arrived!
Pieces & Peace Puzzles have arrived!
19th August 2022

Discover an all new brand of jigsaw puzzles: Pieces & Peace. "Pieces" stands for puzzle pieces, and "Peace" for the brand's engagement in providing financial support for organisations working for peace and well-being in the world. The first organisation Pieces & Peace has chosen is SOS Méditerranée, who will receive 1 € for each puzzle sold.

Pieces & Peace is a lovely range of illustrated puzzles made in France. The images invite viewers to travel and celebrate nature. They're the perfect choice for a nice puzzle evening! Many artists work with the brand from the start: Alain Thomas, Laura Lhuillier, Rhi James (Hebe Studio), Nolwenn Studio, Orane Sigal, Sara Boccaccini Meadows, Coralie Fau, Maja Tomljanovic, Miranda Sofroniou, Sarah Gesek Studio, Hel.illustration, Midnight to 6, Bex Parkin and Sabina Fenn.

Three sizes are available: 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 pieces. The jigsaws are conceived primarily for adult puzzlers, but younger puzzle fans who already assemble 1,000 piece puzzles will appreciate them, too!

Pieces & Peace keep an eye on their ecological footprint: the puzzles are printed and glued on FSC certified paper and solid blue cardboard. The high quality cardboard also provides a particularly lovely puzzle experience. Additionally, the puzzle boxes are made of 100 % recycled cardboard.

Discover the entire collection here.

Benefits of puzzles
7th August 2022

Assembling jigsaw puzzles has many benefits, which is surely one reason why this playful activity is so popular.
Firstly, you'll never get bored while you have puzzles! Starting a new puzzle means that hours of searching, pondering and amusement are a sure thing.

Puzzles can be assembled alone or together, with family or friends. It's an ideal activity to spend a nice time together – away from all screens or everyday worries.

With a jigsaw puzzle, you can really switch off. The calming effects of assembling puzzles are evident, as the relaxing activity reduces stress.

But assembling puzzles has additional benefits: it stimulates the mind, cognitive abilities, memory, concentration, patience, methodical thinking, etc. It is, at the same time, a form of entertainment and a way to take care of your brain. Finally, it is also ideal to work on your self esteem and bask in accomplishments. Placing the last piece of a puzzle is very satisfying and brings puzzle fans a special kind of joy.

When will you start your next puzzle?
Benefits of puzzles

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